Every Thursday, I volunteer at the Rodgers & Hammerstein Archive of Recorded Sound, where I interned during grad school. I’ve been photographing the labels of 78s that have exceptional song titles while checking them to confirm the accuracy of the information in the Rigler-Deutch Index, a massive database of five institutions’ collections of 78 r.p.m records. All of the 78s that I’ve studied thus far were issued by Okeh Records.

I’ve also recently started looking through a collection of un-cataloged 45 r.p.m records, with an eye for record sleeves that suggest unusual, exotic or historically significant songs that might otherwise go unnoticed. This collection, being unorganized and un-cataloged, will feature work from a number of different record companies.

My photographs of these labels and sleeves are the impetus for going deeper into the history of the songs, the musicians, and the record companies. Whenever possible, a video of the song in question will be linked up.

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